carpet cleaning to eliminate pests

Carpet Cleaning to Prevent Pest Infestations

As discussed previously we are often asked the same question. Rather than paying for a professional, can I really do my own pest control?

Yes, it a huge number of cases you really can.

We’ve discussed types of pest control, as well as preventative measures. Now we are going to discuss another solution which can rid you of more pests that you would have imagined.

As the title states, this is with regards to carpet cleaning.

However all me to elaborate.

Take away the buffet

Now carpets themselves do not attract insects or bugs. These include things like ants, fleas and dust mites.

However soil, bits of food and other types of organic materials act as a very satisfying food source for the insects.

The trick is to remove this food source. Then you will greatly reduce the appeal, as well as their chances of survival.

This is why cleaning your carpets effectively is absolutely vital to prevents pests from populating in your home.

Most carpets are made from nylon, which in itself does not provide a desirable habitat for living things. Although when you add to the mix dead skin, soil and food particles; it becomes an absolute dreamland for pests and germs.

There are two things that you should really focus on. The first is to ensure the carpets are cleaned regularly. This will greatly reduce the food supply trapped in the carpets.

The second element is to try and monitor the level of humidity in your home.

Dust mites for example thrive on both skin cells and damp places. So be conscious of the level of humidity in your home.

Focus on location

We have discussed elements that attract unwanted guests such as dust mites and fleas. However you should also pay particular attention to certain places. In particular areas with higher levels of food contact.

This could be the kitchen, perhaps a hallway rug or maybe the dining room carpet.

Perhaps this will be a bedroom or even a space next to the couch.

Every home will be different so be sure to understand where this space will be for your particular home.

This is the area that should really be focused on.

In many work places this differs also due to people eating at the desk or near vending machines. Even perhaps whilst walking around.

So like I say, understand where this will affect you in particular.


Vacuuming and cleaning your carpets alone may not eliminate pests. However they can greatly reduce the risks of pests becoming a problem.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will cut off the supply chain to the these various pests. Without food, and certainly without too much humidity; then they will struggle to survive within your home.

I would say as a bit of a final word, if you realise you home does in fact have a serious pest problem. Then get in touch with a professional before it gets worse.

If left untreated then these problems can often escalate.

In the majority of cases I do my own pest control. However if the need arises I would call in a professional to support.

I really hope this helps and thank you for reading.

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