Can I Really Do My Own Pest Control?

I have worked with a number of pest control companies, but always offer the same advice when I am asked can I really do my own pest control?

The simple answer is yes, you can.

However I also feel it is very important to know your limits, and always keep safety in mind.

Allow me to elaborate on these points.


What is pest control?

Pest control is essentially a form of removing an unwanted form of animal or insect.

There are a number of different forms of ‘pests’, although this can be personal viewpoint.

Some of the more common forms of pests include rats, cockroaches, other insects and flys. However many people would view the likes of moles and even foxes as a form of pest.

So it is clear that this is a personal and often regional viewpoint.

In Australia this could be kangaroos, in Florida this could be alligators.

The ‘control’ element is implementing a strategy to resolve the issue of the pets. This can take on many different shapes and forms.

However the aim is to limit or eradicate the number of these animals in the particular area.


Forms of pest control

The control does come in many different variants.

This is determined by the nature of the pest and also the environment in which they are located.

Generally the forms of management are:

  • Extermination – This involves removing (or attempting to) the species from a particular area.

This could be due to damage they are causing. Or perhaps to limit the impact on other forms of animals.

However often this is due to the preference of humans.


  • Re-location – This is the process of moving the ‘problem’ from one area to another.

This could be as simple as moving them indoors to outside. Or perhaps moving them to a more suitable environment.


Either way this is a form of control, although may not be a permanent solution.


  • Population management – This means limiting the numbers of a particular species within a certain area.

Whilst some animals are protected due reducing numbers, others are increasing too highly. This means they have become a risk to a particular area or another species of animal.

Therefore measures of control are put in place to manage these numbers.


Professional services

Whilst we are going to discuss how it is possible to manage some of these issues yourself. Be aware that there are a number of professional pest control services available.

The upside of using a pest control company is that due to locality they often have previous knowledge and experience of the issue in hand.

As such they will have suitable tools and devices available to provide a viable solution to the problem.

This is also one way of taking the hassle and stress away from yourself.

However there is a drawback to this. The price.

Using a professional is a very common option, but bare in mind that these are professionals making a living. So will charge accordingly.

This is something for you to weigh up when deciding which route to take.

Consider the expense of the equipment if you were to decide to do my own pest control.

Then compare this to that of the professionals.

Often using a pest control expert will cost you a lot more money in comparison. Perhaps you should also weigh up the cost of your time to solve the problem yourself.

Now that I have explained exactly what pest control is and some options. Allow me to explain the types of options that are open to you if you decide to do your own pest control.


Do my own pest control?

As we touched on in the title, completing your own form of control is a perfectly legitimate option.

In fact this has been growing in popularity rapidly over the last 5 years.

More and more people are seeing this as a realistic and viable option to their problems.

This is in part due to the huge number of products now available. Not only in local stores but more-so online.

There are an absolute abundance of products readily available, some with next day deliveries.


However as a word of caution, there is not always the same level of advice given on how to actually use the products.

By typing a simple search like do my own pest control you will find dozens of sites selling similar products for your specific needs.

Let me just briefly run through some of those:

Poison can be used as bait to kill an animal. Often used for rats and mice, it can be left as a ‘treat’ for the animal.

This will ultimately run through its body and bring its life to a premature end.

This poison can come in the form of pellets, tablets, balls, powders and even sprays.

It is important to find the correct product for the animal that you wish to exterminate.


Traps are an often more humane way of dealing with pests. This can allow you to simply catch the animal, in your home say.

Then release them into the wild away from your property.

This saves you the guilt and knowledge that you have killed the animal.

Although there are traps that intend the kill also. Be aware that this is far from the only solution.


Forms of deterrents are often a very effective way of keeping unwanted guests away. Once again this can come in so many different shapes and forms.

This can include nails on a fence to stop birds from landing there. To mesh around plants to keep birds away.

Or perhaps netting around ponds as another example.

In fact many farmers have to come up with some smart ways to keep unwanted rabbits and other creatures away from their crops.


In recent years the use of ultrasonic deterrents have become even more common place.

They can emit a frequency which is uncomfortable for certain animals to listen to. Therefore ensuring that they do not come near to the area in question.



As you can see there really are a huge array of options.

Especially if you wish to tackle the problem on your own.

I would strongly suggest that for any form of pest control you do on your own. Complete your research first.


It is important to understand exactly what product you are going to be using.

What its intended purpose is and even more importantly. How to use it safely.

Remember that we have pest control services for a reason. They understand the dangers and pitfalls of using certain chemical and contaminants.

Doing this yourself is a realistic and viable solution, but take every care you can to use the product correctly. Keeping yourself and those around you safe.